Never be coasterless again! Now your iPhone is a handy coaster - it’s just what you needed.

iCoaster is the best and most useful iPhone app ever, and you don’t need to download anything! Just visit this website with your iPhone or iPod Touch (or here)...your phone’s already on the table.

Free Web-based app - no download required
Fullscreen browser mode
Tap to choose from over four coasters

I was at a party and my drink was starting to sweat but not a coaster in sight...I don't know what i would have done if it weren't for iCoaster.
My boyfriend is always on his iPhone, but thanks to iCoaster now when we're out he's got a drink on it, it’s perfect!
Hurray for science and iPhones! Awkward coasterless situations avoided!

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Go fullscreen app-style

1. Visit icoasterapp.com on your iPhone

2. Click the add bookmark button and select "Add to Home Screen"

3. A brand new shortcut that launches fullscreen!