iCoaster is the app for solving your coaster problem. Yeah, there's an app for that too.

And it's made to poke fun at some things. Like people who put their phones on the tables or use them incessantly while everyone's out. I put mine on the table all the time. Because I want to use it. To look up what vinegar actually is, or google caplin roe (aka masago) while i'm out for sushi (it's the eggs of flying fish by the way and they are awesome). And of course make sure I don't miss any email, text, tweet or Facebook post that may come in.

I dunno, it's here, the mobile age. We can bring our computers with us everywhere we go. And with that comes internet, fast internet too. And we're connected, to everything. Is it going to make our lives easier? Can our lives even get easier? The more there is to worry about in the world, the harder it is for anything to be "easy", it seems. Technology doesn't really make our lives easier, overall, but it does make it a hell of a lot more fun. So there, thoughts to be continued...

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